Course curriculum

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    Stretch Chi 101 - Build Your Foundation

    • Introduction

    • Week 1 Lesson: How to Create Your Plan for Success and Quick Lesson to Prepare for the Workout

    • Week 1 Workout: I live life to the fullest! [Chest and Shoulder Focus]

    • Week 2 Lesson: How to strengthen your immune system using resistance stretching

    • Week 2 Workout: I hear myself with love! [Deltoids and Neck Focus]

    • Week 3 Lesson: How to remove fears to unleash your true authentic self

    • Week 3 Workout: I feel safe to be me! [Trapezius (neck and shoulder) Focus]

    • Week 4 Lesson: How to open the Heart Chakra with resistance stretching

    • Week 4 Workout: I lovingly allow JOY to flow through my mind, body and experience! [Chest (pecs) Focus]

    • Week 5 Lesson: How to improve digestion with resistance stretching

    • Week 5 Workout: I assimilate the new every moment of everyday! [Quad Focus]

    • Week 6 Lesson: How resistance stretching can help with hormone regulation (including weight loss)

    • Week 6 Workout: It is safe to grow up! [Groin Focus]

    • Week 7 Lesson: How to get UNSTUCK!

    • Week 7 Workout: There is JOYOUS release of the past! [Glute and Hip Focus]

    • Week 8 Lesson: How to keep your BRAIN healthy using resistance stretching

    • Week 8 Workout: I am the loving operator of my mind! [Hamstring and Posterior Chain Focus]

    • Week 9 Lesson: How to instantly improve your posture!

    • Stretch Chi 101: I move forward in life with ease and joy at EVERY AGE! [Hip Flexor Focus]

    • Week 10 Lesson: How to forgive and let go

    • Week 10 Workout: I look for LOVE and find it everywhere! [Adductor (inner thigh) Focus]

    • Week 11 Lesson: How to jumpstart your CREATIVITY

    • Week 11 Workout: I create my life! [Rotator Cuff Focus]

    • Week 12 Lesson: You can DANCE!

    • Week 12 Workout: I release the OLD and welcome the NEW in my life! [Low Back Pain Focus]

    • Week 13 Lesson: The CURE for cookies, tea and nap syndrome!

    • Week 13 Workout: My LIFE is sweet! [Medial Hamstring Focus]

    • Week 14 Lesson: Take what you want and Leave the rest

    • Week 14 Workout: Assimilate, Absorb and Eliminate! [Back of the Shoulder Focus]

    • Week 15 Lesson: How to stay calm in an ever changing world

    • Week 15 Workout: I relax and let life flow joyously! [Lats Focus]

    • Week 16 Lesson: How to circulate love and joy in every part of your life

    • Week 16 Workout: I LOVE LIFE! [Pec Minor Focus]